Whether you need to wind down or work out, The Balmoral Hotel has the answer. The facilities of the nearby Academy Spa, which is just a 5 minute drive from the hotel, are at your disposal.

As hotel guests, you have complimentary use of the facilities as part of your stay, so you can work out in the fully-equipped gym, swim in the pool or relax in the lounge all free of charge. With 5,000 square feet of hi-tech fitness equipment in the gym and a four-lane swimming pool that features poolside seating and a steam room, this space caters for everyone for everything from a gentle freshening-up to full-on circuit training!

This award-winning spa also offers a wide range of treatments, from an extensive list of massages to body wraps, reflexology and refreshing facials. Paid for separately, these treatments make for a great addition to any break.

Though not included in the hotel offer, for an additional fee you can also take advantage of their selection of studio classes and even a crèche. With its great leisure facilities this impressively large site is an ideal companion piece to a stay at The Balmoral Hotel.